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Transition to Community: The Closure of Fort Wayne Developmental Center

The Situation

The Fort Wayne State Developmental Center is operated by FSSA - The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services. In 2005, the Fort Wayne State Developmental Center (FWSDC) was facing two immediate jeopardy citations issued by the Department of Justice and the threatened loss of Medicaid funding. In May of 2005, Liberty Healthcare, a nationally-renowned healthcare management company in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, was chosen by the FSSA to manage the Fort Wayne State Developmental Center.

On October 24, 2005, Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA), announced that the Fort Wayne State Developmental Center will close on June 30, 2007, citing the need to focus on the community-based care model for the residents of Fort Wayne Developmental Center.

What CQL Did

CQL became a subcontractor to Liberty to support various components of the transition and closure process:

  • A comprehensive baseline evaluation of Basic Assurances® that includes the following factors: Rights, Protection from Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment and Exploitation, Best Possible Health, Safe Environments, Positive Services and Supports, and a Basic Assurances® System; Results of the Basic Assurances® review were summarized into written recommendations for changes and actions to address the issues identified
  • Establish a Human Rights Officer to protect and enhance the rights of people residing at the Center and throughout the transition process and to provide support, coaching, and monitoring of FWSDC staff
  • Training for all direct support professionals, QMRPs, and management staff, in Rights, Person-Directed Planning, and Active Treatment, providing monitoring and coaching in rights protection and promotion, active treatment services, and other critical areas
  • Evaluation of the transition process with a focus on the perceptions, feelings, beliefs, and experiences of the families of people living at FWSDC, personnel working at FWSDC, BDDS (Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services), and provider agencies who were involved in the transition of people living at FWSDC
  • Personal Outcomes interviews with people after they had lived in the community for 12 months, including a review the new home’s compliance with Basic Assurances® and recommendations for changes and actions to address any issues identified

People began moving from FWSDC in early 2006. Most people stayed in Indiana and are being supported through the Medicaid waiver program. Most are living with one to three other people with a high number of people living in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. Some people were supported to move closer to their families even if that meant moving to another state.

The Fort Wayne State Developmental Center (FWSDC) closed on April 18, 2007, two months ahead of schedule. 

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