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Bethesda Lutheran Communities ...

July 27 , 2011


... Awarded Basic Assurances® Network Certification

From May through July 2011, CQL conducted visits at six of ten regions in the national Bethesda Lutheran Communities network in order to validate the presence of the 46 Basic Assurances® indicators. CQL review teams spent time with people receiving services, staff, and others affiliated with the regions. Information gathering activities included:

  • Focus groups and other individual and group meetings
  • Targeted interviews with people receiving services
  • Review of Personal Outcome Measures® data
  • Conversations with people in their home and at work
  • Visits to the variety of locations and communities where Bethesda provides supports
  • Reviews of data, personal records, and policy and procedure

CQL then completed an onsite assessment of Bethesda’s corporate system and its ability to support a person-centered focus at the regional level. This included review of the Bethesda Corporate office policies, procedures, protocols, plans, self-assessment and quality systems as they relate to the Basic Assurances® Network Factors.

On July 21st, Bethesda Lutheran Communities was awarded CQL Network Certification in Basic Assurances®.  Bethesda was cited for achievements in essential, fundamental and non-negotiable requirements of service and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, specifically in the areas of health, safety and human security. Beyond compliance with licensing and certification standards, Bethesda was recognized for commitment to creating and delivering support that is person-centered.

"This achievement marks a significant milestone in Bethesda’s journey toward continuous improvement in the quality of services provided for the people we support,” said Dr. John E. Bauer, Bethesda’s president and chief executive officer.


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