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CQL Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation

CQL invites you to join us on a journey towards Person-Centered Excellence! 

CQL is proud to announce a new accreditation menu for 2015.  This expanded menu offers broader choices to organizations, regarding  the accreditation experience that best fits their needs.  Choose from three core accreditation options including:  Quality Assurances Accreditation, Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation  and Person-Centered Excellence with Distinction Accreditation. 

 All three accreditation options build on the firm  foundation of systems and practices related to health, welfare and human security  and implementation of CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures®. 

Each accreditation option also incorporates a path for on-going organizational enhancement. 

There are many paths to excellence.  Our expanded menu will identify the best path for the journey to begin or continue at your organization.     

More Options  

                       More Opportunities 

                                         Same  High Quality 


For more information about each of the accreditation options, please review the below links:

Click here for more on Quality Assurances Accreditation. 

Click here for more on Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation.  

Click here for more on Person-Centered Excellence with Distinction Accreditation.


To contact CQL for additional information about the new accreditation menu, please email Jen Sundem ( OR to apply for accreditation, please complete the Request for Engagement form.  


 ...More About CQL Accreditation 

 CQL Accreditation promotes excellence in person-centered services and supports that lead to increased quality of life. It’s about continuous improvement. CQL Accreditation facilitates your organizational improvement in person-centered services and supports and personal quality of life outcomes. 

CQL Accreditation is grounded in over 40 years of CQL leadership and peer-reviewed research. We base our organizational learning on three important tools:

Basic Assurances® 

CQL’s Basic Assurances® ensure accountabilities for Heath, Safety, and Human Security.We look at your systems and practices and their effectiveness, person by person. 


Personal Outcome Measures®  

CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures® are used to identify people’s quality of life outcomes, plan supports, and gather information and data about individual outcomes.  CQL facilitators begin the accreditation engagement with Personal Outcome Measures® interviews to demonstrate the linkage between personally defined quality of life and excellence in person-centered services.  


Key Factors and Success Indicators for Organizational Excellence 

CQL’s 8 Key Factors and 34 Success Indicators define quality in terms of person-centered supports and services. These best practices and the resulting quality improvement initiatives are outlined in the The Guide to Person-centered Excellence.   

Three editions of the Guides address specific service settings:

  • Application for Services for People with Mental Illness and People with Substance Use Disorder
  • Application for Services for People with Disabilities
  • Application for Services for Older Adults 

Key Features of CQL Accreditation:

Focus on Excellence – Our exclusive focus/emphasis is facilitating excellence in person-centered services and supports. 

Person-centered – we define and measure quality from the person’s perspective and we want to know how well the organization understands each person supported and how the services and supports provided meet those individual needs 

Inclusive Offering – CQL Accreditation works for all human service organizations, including those supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, people with mental illness, people with substance use disorder, older adults and people with physical disabilities. We invite and encourage active participation by all organizational stakeholders. 

Co-evaluation – we work in a close partnership with the organization throughout the process in data gathering, validation, analysis, and improvement strategies 

Systems Approach – we stress an integrated approach to quality management 

Bookmark Driven – During our onsite consultation, CQL and the organization determine the current status in terms of person-centered services. We bookmark the current situation and provide recommendations for continued improvement and development. Future visits began at this bookmark. 


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